The evolution of marketing and related professionality

marketing knowledge from books

marketing knowledge from books

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Marketing: without proper training, you can not get results

On the one hand, the companies of any size must have own website and social media’s business pages. But it is necessary that they have a strategy of publishing their own contents. It is also true that someone inside own office needs to think and to write such contents.

And so, with the new kind of marketing strategies, web marketing, Search Engine Marketing (read more on SEM) and Social Media Marketing (read more on SMM), it also becomes contingent to train people who are able to fulfill the required tasks. Tasks now so necessary to get a proper and productive business strategy.

We will always have to consider advertising as a part of our business. And today, to make the correct advertising we need a range of skills and knowledge in multidisciplinary fields. Only with a proper training path, people get such skills.

Those involved in advertising must, so, have a background in investment and accounting, to understand what is the correct budget to devote to each specific campaign. Must have the statistical knowledge to analyze the data streams that the people interactions with the same advertising campaigns offer. Must have skills in public relations with a willingness to listen, because otherwise are not able either to produce effective communication nor to understand people’s needs and feedbacks coming from their left.

The fact that social media are available to all does not show that you can use with the same lightness.

The belief that we can choose to have not business pages on social media is not true. As it is enough to manage such resources in an amateur way. Not obtaining positive feedback is only an effect due to the lack of mastery of the instruments used. The fact that social media are available to all does not show that you can use with the same lightness. And to believe to abandon the project only means leaving the field to the most far-reaching competition. The solution is to turn to people who have acquired these important skills in their training.