Google AdWords campaigns and costs

google adwords campagne costi

google adwords campagne costi

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Be first in search engines with Google AdWords

Companies are the first in search engines with Google AdWords (?), a Google‘s platform. Google AdWords campaigns are the best Search Engine Marketing tool. Its ads generate traffic to a particular website through the search engine (read more on SEM). For a company appear in the Google search results is critical.

You can only invest in Google and partner sites when people search for your products or services. Google AdWords has defined costs. Cost-per-click will only charge you when people click on your ads. AdWords allows you to have full control of your investment. Every Euro of your budget will bring in new customers.

Studying a targeted SEM campaign is very important. Together with us, you will decide the budget to invest. Your ads will appear on Google and its advertising network, based on it. You can change your budget when you like. You find out what the costs per click (CPC) are. And also you will know the keywords’ competition level. Your competitors will change according to the target language, geographical areas, and devices.

You will have a clear idea of what your most suitable targets are and you will get them in the best way. This is thanks to Google AdWords campaigns and Google Analytics, together. Also thanks to the Conversion Tracking, and to re-marketing campaigns.

Google’s advertising can give the success to your business.

But, you may not have the time or resources to invest in it. Or also to devote to the development and ongoing management of an effective account. Or you prefer help optimizing the campaign Search Engine Marketing by a consultant. To verify that a company is a Google certified, click on the links published on its website (Google Partners). If it is a certified company, Google shows its profile page.

A partner can allow your company to save time and energy. For best results, we recommend you to stay informed. Take part in advertising campaigns! But let to the Google AdWords consultant activities that need more technical skills.