The importance of social media for the working activity

social media attività lavorativa

social media attività lavorativa

Social Media

Some tips for investing and getting better known on social media!

All persons who, through their work/business activity are in direct contact with Customers should have an active social media (do you know?) presence. First, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are the best on which to open a business channel (read more on SMO, Social Media Optimization).

The reason is simple. Their current and potential customers are already using these channels as communication media to spend time, search for information or communicate with people they know.

According to the characteristics of one’s own activity, it is, so, necessary to have a business page on certain social media. Thanks to an act of listening to their fans/followers, it is possible to have an idea of how the market is. The same social media offer tools that help communication with users. Thanks to various tools, they allow a detailed analysis of the data (insight) based on what visitors do or do (what actions they do on our social pages) and what their needs are.

Important are, so, the advertising campaigns of Social Media Marketing (read more on SMM) through which the people know your company.

To get a good response to their ads is important to know what people are looking for (keywords) in the business area to promote. Fundamental it is to use these keywords in the best way (read more on SEO, Search Engine Optimization).

Getting a new customer on social media costs at least five times more than keeping one already in place

It is not always essential to do ads to attract new customers. Nowadays it is also important to keep current ones or direct them to further purchases.
Cost estimates are very clear in this regard. Getting a new customer costs at least five times more than keeping one that you already have.

Thanks to the analysis of what are the most frequent visitors today you can optimize your target and get a targeted advertising campaign that allows you to choose which will be the readers (the target) of the advertisements. (read more on SEM, Search Engine Marketing).