Key elements for the success of SEO on your website (2nd)

elementi chiave seo google key elements

elementi chiave seo google key elements

Key elements, 2°

Other key elements for the success of Search Engine Optimization on your website. Part 2

Among the key elements of a good SEO (read more on SEOSearch Engine Optimizationwe highlight the development of all the meta tags necessary to promote your website’s indexing by search engines. Meta tags are HTML metadata used to communicate to browsers and search engines more information related to your web pages. Pages that, of the meta tags, make use of it. The most important and best known are Title, Description, and Keywords. Another tenth of the meta tags helps to give directions to the search engines. The latter also allows a better positioning of your website within Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Tools such as Trends, Export, Search & AdWords, all distributed by Google, are very important to write the terms within the Title meta tag, Description, and Keywords. Google Trends, based on Google Search, shows the user’s research frequency for each a termIt also shows what the search volumes, according to geographical targets and language considered.

Google Search, used in Europe as a search engine for more than 90% of users, is the main tool to get information. And besides, to catalog and index the resources of the World Wide Web, Google also deals with photos, newsgroups, news, maps, email, shopping, translations, videos, and programs.

Google AdWords is an online advertising service

It allows you to insert advertising space in the Google search pages (read more on SEM, Search Engine Marketing).

AdWords lets you see what your monthly volumes and cost-per-click cost estimates are. It allows you to verify the level of competition for each key, including geographic, language, and device.

Last but not least, one of the key elements of Search Engine Optimization’s success on your website is to consider the textual content of web pages.

To achieve results that allow a greater visibility of your content, you must develop pages that follow certain requirements. These are the number of words and text structure, the innovation of the proposed content, and the keywords highlighted. And whether there are images, links to other websites, ease of reading, and so on.

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