The content is the breakthrough of digital marketing

content technology contenuto keyboard

Content Marketing Every web marketing campaign needs a content suited to a particular person. Implementing a correct web marketing strategy is more complex today than it was to realize a traditional marketing plan twenty years ago. Classic advertising investments allowed for effective mass communication with few complications. Unlike today, you need to reach a public […]

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Strategies to manage your pages on social network

social network repetita iuvant

Social Network Management Repetita iuvant! Not always, but also on social network allows better management of resources The mere presence on social networks (Wiki), also social media, of one’s economic activity is not enough to bring visible benefits. It is important to keep your pages always up-to-date. It is also important to make sure that these […]

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Key elements for the success of SEO on your website (2nd)

elementi chiave seo google key elements

Key elements, 2° Other key elements for the success of Search Engine Optimization on your website. Part 2 Among the key elements of a good SEO (read more on SEO, Search Engine Optimization) we highlight the development of all the meta tags necessary to promote your website’s indexing by search engines. Meta tags are HTML metadata used […]

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