Online reputation and first-page position on Google

reputazione online reputation posizionamento motori ricerca

reputazione online reputation posizionamento motori ricerca

Online reputation

Optimize your business website to improve the search engine rankings and the online reputation on Google

Every company needs to get a high-ranking on Google with the keywords related to its business. A good positioning means to appear on the first page of search engine results (SERP) with the own website. It is rare for the user to look for results on pages after the first, during an online search. This happens because the Google’s first page also includes the results of paid ads (Google AdWords), maps, thumbnails of images and videos (Google My Business and YouTube also).

Many Search Engine Optimization activities improve the positioning of your company website. The optimization for search engines includes content marketing changes on the website pages. These activities improve its indexing by search engines and the readable by users. Updating and formatting texts and images, even for mobile devices, is also important.

The SEO also includes the revision of the HTML code to improve the content usability by readers. As well as the implementation of the not visible content code, but analyzed by search engines. Files with commands to search engines, browsers, and servers complete the website.

The online reputation influences the brand value

When all devices and browsers can surf a business website, and also it has a quick download, gets a good ranking by the search engines. If the website offers useful content and up-to-date, the company get an economic return. The online reputation influences the brand value. The up-to-date social media presence completes the work (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.).

For an effective work, you need to have an idea of which markets, target languages, devices and competitors are. Only with a complete analysis of what are the goals, the budget, and time-frame available, it can run.