Are you present in the results of the first page of Google?

google article seo serp

google article seo serp

All answers to our questions are always on the first page of Google search results

A few years ago when we looked for information on Google, keywords of our interest, we checked at the first page. If not satisfied, we continued on the second page, on the third page and so on. This was until we found an answer to our request.

This search method now seems to belong to a distant past. Google has gone to great lengths in recent years to make sure that the answer you seek is always on the first page of search results (SERP). As soon as we begin to write a few characters in the search engine, in fact, suggested the most frequent keywords set by other users. Keywords that have our own letters in common. So often we sit on the research done by others, assuming they are right.

Once the search has started, there will appear paid ads from the Google AdWords circuit as the first two or three results (read more on SEM, Search Engine Marketing). Websites that show in everything and for everything we were looking for, but which are before the normal results (organic results) of the research.

If we are also looking for keywords that may have some geographic relevance or that concern local economic activities, the map of Google Maps will also appear. Results with the indications related to our research and all the shops, restaurants and businesses in the searched area. In practice, all the activities that take part in the Google My Business program. Companies that have certified their existence to Google (read more on SMO, Social Media Optimization). Again, you can display three more hits in the foreground. There is also shown how to view other continuing into the maps.

Google Plus and Facebook are on the first page of the organic search results.

Finally, once you saw the websites of AdWords (GA) and Google My Business (GMB), the ten natural results of the page appear. Results that, yet, can still contain web pages from Facebook or Google Plus. This happens especially if you were looking for people or companies that have their social media page.

Finally at the end of the first page of search results could be another two ads from the Google AdWords system. Only later, after all, the arrow to continue the search on the second page.

At this point, it is clear why nobody can see the results of the second page anymore. In the first page, we have at our disposal twenty results relevant to what we have looked for!

Only if our research is very specific it might happen to see only the ten organic results. In that situation, yet, it has become a practice to edit the keywords of the search and not continue on a later page.

A question arises. When people search for what you offer with your business, you are present in the results of the first page of Google? (Read more on SEO, Search Engine Optimization).