As so often happens, it’s all a game of ranking

posizione seo google ranking

posizione seo google ranking

Google ranking

Your ranking on Google is the key to your success

In 2011 the world economy was already besieged by difficulties and smartphones already existed as we know them today. The websites published online all over the world were over 300 million. There were 2 billion people who could connect to the Internet.

Since 2015, websites published online all over the world have tripled to one billion. The number of people who can connect to the Internet has increased to over 3 billion. So, almost half of the world’s population surfs on the Internet. That one on three of these people has a website. Whether it is a personal blog than a company e-commerce.

In Europe, 90% of people connected to the Internet use Google as a search engine to find answers to their questions. This means that if you have a website the only hope you can have it is people see your pages within the Google search results (SERPSearch Engine Results Page). That the users find your website in the first ten results, so on the first page, when they type keywords relevant to your business.

Based on your position on Google, the number of visitors you receive will vary. Based on your position on Google, the value of your website will vary. So the question that arises is: “How to get a prominent position with your website?”

SEO gives all answer that you need

There are many paths that you can follow to improve your position within the SERP of Google. SEO gives all answer that you need (read more on SEOSearch Engine Optimization). In practice, a series of consulting services given by professionals to optimize your website. The aim is to improve its positioning within search engine results.

Thanks to the SEO you can study what is the response of the keywords of your interest. You get an idea of how many potential visitors and how many your competitors are.

Your website must always keep up with the latest online development techniques. It has to be as compatible as possible with the different devices and browsers used by users. The users have to surf in easy way the website and you have to updated its contents so that you can always give an answer to what are the needs of consumers.