SEO, Search Engine Optimization following Google Search update

SEO, Search Engine Optimization following Google Search algorithm update. We improve your website ranking on Google Search thanks to our professional services at your disposal. We will know the monthly searches trends and the volumes for your business keywords.


SEO Search Engine Optimization Google digital marketing in MaltaWe improve your website ranking on Google Search thanks to SEO. We will know the monthly searches trends and the volumes for your business keywords. Our Search Engine Optimization follows the Google Search algorithm update!

SEO (Search Engine Optimizationincreases the website ranking in the results of a search engine. If your website appears on the first page of the search results (SERP), you will receive more visits from users.

In Europe, over 90% of people use Google as a search engine and it is the main tool to get information. For a company, it is fundamental to appear on the first page of Google search results (,, or

Evonbiz offers SEO advice that includes several online services. We will test your website to understand its compatibility with mobile devices. Also, we will analyze the speed of loading pages on various devices (computer, tablet, and smartphone Android and iOS). They are important for improving the ranking of your website within the search engines.

Evonbiz offers a complete Search Engine Optimization service! We will take care of your .htaccess files, robots.txt, and sitemap.xml.  These files are key elements of your website and increase its ranking on Google. We will check the HTML code, especially Meta tags in the head of your website. We will make sure that it meets the regulations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Just we will remove, those errors that prevent the indexing task. At last, we will put your domain on the list of websites indexed by Google.

Besides, SEO activity provides insight! You will know what the users search on Google. We will improve your ranking on Bing & Yahoo!, on Yandex and Baidu. You will have the best digital marketing strategy on the Internet. Evonbiz has specific tools thanks to the Google AdWords Certification (Google Partner). We will tell you what the people online search trends are. We will also tell you in which language (English, Italian or Chinese) and country (Malta, Italy, United Kingdom, China or where you need) you can propose your products or services.

Our professional services at your disposal:

  • Website SEO audit: HTML, PHP, JS, CSS, images & speed
  • .HTACCESS file development
  • ROBOTS.txt file development
  • SITEMAP.xml file development
  • WordPress JS, CSS & HTML files COMPRESSION
  • WordPress AMP pages development
  • SERVER speed directives
  • All browser, platform & technology FAVICON development
  • Website SEO audit: Market & Competitors by Keywords
  • Google Trend, Export, Competitors & AdWords: up to 10, 15 or 20 keywords analysis
  • Page H1, H2, H3 development
  • Page Title, Description & Slug, Image Alt & Title development
  • Textual content page check: up to 300, 450, 600 & over words
  • Website domain Google submit
  • Google Webmaster Search Console check & audit
  • Yandex Webmaster check & audit
  • Bing + Yahoo! Webmaster check & audit

Search Engine Optimization

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