SMM, Social Media Marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter


SMM Social Media Marketing in Malta Facebook LinkedIn Twitter adsWhich Social Media Marketing campaign do you need to improve your business? Thanks to our SMM on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, we help you to increase your profits!

SMM (Social Media Marketing) takes care to generate visibility on social media. A market in the world that in June 2017, has average monthly active users on Facebook was almost 2 billionThe monthly active users on Twitter were about 330 millionon LinkedIn were more than most 100 million; on Instagram were around 800 millionA company must expand its presence in a qualified way on social media. Every business needs to make products or services known by to all potential customers.

Evonbiz will work with you to study an advertising campaign that allows you to invest on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You will spend money only when the people will look for your products or services. Your ads will appear on the proper channels to your target customers. We will show them based on the budget that you decide to invest and to your needs. Thus, we will get results that will give value to your social media presence or to your website.

Evonbiz will develop text ads and image ads and we will choose keywords related to your business. We can change your budget and give you the sign of what the costs are. We will know the competition according to your chosen languages (English, Italian or Chinese), geographical areas (Malta, Italy, United Kingdom, China or where you need) and devices (computer, tablet, and smartphone).

With the cost per click/pay per click (CPC/PPC) on LinkedIn and Twitter, you will pay only when people will click on your ads. Every euro of your budget will so destine to bring in new customers. With Facebook and Instagram, you can also pay when people see your ads. In all cases, social networks allow us to have complete control of your investment.


The subscription period is 3 months (excluding VAT and budget)

From €200/mo.

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The subscription period is 6 months (excluding VAT and budget)

From €147/mo.

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Best Value

The subscription period is 12 months (excluding VAT and budget)

From €117/mo.

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