Social Media Marketing

Evonbiz’s mission | Evolution (evo) and (‘n’) business (biz)

Evolution to your business with Evonbiz: our mission! Evonbiz comes from the terms evolution (Evo) and (‘n’) business (biz). For our customers, it means “Evolution to your Business“, the evolution in favor of their business. So for our Clients, it is an online development path for their company. A growth that starts with the development of […]

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The importance of social media for the working activity

social media attività lavorativa

Social Media Some tips for investing and getting better known on social media! All persons who, through their work/business activity are in direct contact with Customers should have an active social media (do you know?) presence. First, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are the best on which to open a business channel (read more on […]

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Marketing strategies through social media

strategie di marketing strategies color colors wheel

Marketing strategies How to improve your communication and marketing strategies thanks to social media Two out of three people surfing the Internet are also active on social media. There is no need to make it clear how for a company it is important to invest its resources in such a vast network. Many of the […]

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The content is the breakthrough of digital marketing

content technology contenuto keyboard

Content Marketing Every web marketing campaign needs a content suited to a particular person. Implementing a correct web marketing strategy is more complex today than it was to realize a traditional marketing plan twenty years ago. Classic advertising investments allowed for effective mass communication with few complications. Unlike today, you need to reach a public […]

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Strategies to manage your pages on social network

social network repetita iuvant

Social Network Management Repetita iuvant! Not always, but also on social network allows better management of resources The mere presence on social networks (Wiki), also social media, of one’s economic activity is not enough to bring visible benefits. It is important to keep your pages always up-to-date. It is also important to make sure that these […]

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