Strategies to manage your pages on social network

social network repetita iuvant

social network repetita iuvant

Social Network Management

Repetita iuvant! Not always, but also on social network allows better management of resources

The mere presence on social networks (Wiki), also social media, of one’s economic activity is not enough to bring visible benefits. It is important to keep your pages always up-to-date. It is also important to make sure that these updates are always considered as quality content by the reader.

An effective publication strategy on social media also passes through the sharing of the articles or pages that we write on the company website. Especially if our website is visible without any problem for the user on different devices and browsers. If it is easy to navigate and offers usable content. Or if, finally, it allows people to buy our products or services online. In the latter case, yet, we will check in a concrete way the results deriving from our strategy to give content on social media.

Based on which social network we intend to use as a transmission vehicle, we will have to propose a content that is as proper as possible. This content must also be suitable for users who attend it.

This is because Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter each have their own peculiarities. They allow you to publish content in a similar but different way and with a different audience for each one (read more on SMO, Social Media Optimization). The number of characters, image size, video duration and specific features for sharing external links. But also the time of visibility of the post, and then the type of users who can read our contents. And finally, the user’s expectation when he frequents social media, interests, work environment, interaction mode and so on.

The social media management requires financial and human resources

The social media channels management is demanding and involves a considerable amount of time. Need also a constant update of the person dedicated to this activity to be able to keep up with the changes proposed by the same social media. The continuous processing of contents that may interest readers is also important.

It is also useful to optimize this need for resources also to use content already proposed several times. This is because in reality not all the people who follow our pages will see all our publications. So republishing a displayed content will make us gain some time in making new content. As well as a content that has had a strong public involvement will not have negative repercussions. Of course, we must always keep in mind not to become boring or too repetitive!