Web development and web marketing. What choices do to improve your own business?

sviluppo online web development

sviluppo online web development

Web development and web marketing

There is a project of online web development or a strategic marketing plan, common to all

I began to propose to commercial businesses to create their own website and to tell them about the online advertising when people in Italy did not use the Euro as current currency. But I find myself, after more than fifteen years, to fight against the logic of common thought towards the web. A logic that more and more resemble the windmills of Don Quixote. (Read more on SEM, Search Engine Marketing and on SMM, Social Media Marketing).

Who has a company, small or large, needs to have a website. But it is not enough to know it and tell to a consultant to do it. And then assume that the consultant realizes the best Internet site for the business in a completely autonomous way.

Although a professional must take care of online development, he cannot be an absolute connoisseur of all products and services existing in the market. the consultant should not make your website generic. But he has not even to deal with what are, such as, the texts or photos of the company.

Every website must have a logic and its own strategy. And it should pursue the same goals. Only people inside the company knows objectives, strategy, and logic. Not to the external developer. Thus come the texts that describe products and services, photographic material and video. The consultant must take care of the realization. It must deal with technical issues such as compatibility with different browsers and different devices, from which users can browse the site, easy sharing with social media, compliance with the regulation on cookies and so on.

Development of a web marketing plan

The companies need adopt a similar approach for the development of a web marketing plan. The consultant has no idea what you make or sell. To offer a service that allows the choice of the right communication channels and that allows an advertising campaign for obtaining results, he has to know exactly what the company’s goals are. As well as the people you want to reach, the competitors, the strengths and weaknesses and anything else that is necessary for the purpose.

The best consultant becomes such only when he can work alongside you. It does not have to replace you in the tasks you have to do. The company is not his business! But he does not even have to work “from behind a counter”. Otherwise, it would always propose the same online development project or a web marketing plan common to all.8